Onewhero Area School Uniform

Students at Onewhero Area School are expected to wear the uniform determined by the board, and parents are expected to support the school in upholding the school’s uniform regulations.

Students at Onewhero Area School have an attractive uniform. The decision to have a regulation uniform is supported by the majority of parents and students.

All uniform items are available from The Warehouse in Pukekohe, however, we do still have some heavily reduced uniform available at the office.
Why not give us a call to see if we have your sizes available.

Year 1 to Year 8 for all seasons:

  • Royal blue school polo shirt
  • Navy blue long pants with school logo
  • or Navy blue shorts
    or Navy blue culottes (girls)
    School sweatshirt (royal blue)
  • PE Top (royal blue, or house colours) optional
  • All blacks shoes or sandals
    (No Jandals or boots to be worn)
  • Black or navy socks to be worn with shoes
    (no football socks or similar)
  • School hat / cap or plain black or navy blue cap (compulsory in summer)
  • School Beanie or plain black or navy blue beanie (optional, winter only)
  • School Jacket (optional)

Year 9 to 13 for all seasons:

  • White school shirt or blouse or royal blue polo shirt
  • Navy blue long pants with school logo
    or navy blue shorts
    or navy blue skirt
  • School sweatshirt (royal blue)
    or Navy blue fleece jacket (years 11 to 13)
  • black or navy ankle socks to be worn with shoes
    or black stockings (girls)
    (no football socks or similar)
  • All black shoes or sandals
    (no jandals or boots for anyone. No sports shoes with colour other than black)
  • PE Top (royal blue or house colours) compulsory and black shorts
  • School hat / cap or plain black or navy blue cap (optional)
  • School beanie or plain black or navy blue beanie (optional, winter only)
  • School Jacket (optional)

Personal Appearance and Grooming

Personal appearance and grooming will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • uniform must always be neat, tidy and clean
  • hair is to be neatly groomed and no student is to have obvious dyed hair or extreme hairstyles
  • any make-up worn must be unobtrusive
  • jewellery must be worn unobtrusively and safely i.e., taonga and necklaces are to be under polo shirts
  • students are allowed to wear one set of simple studs or sleepers (one in each ear only). Body/facial piercings are discouraged for safety reasons. Some classes may require the removal of these items for safety reasons. One small facial stud is permitted
  • no coloured nail polish
  • no offensive or obtrusive body art
  • students must be clean shaven and sideburns must not extend beyond beyond the ear lobe
  • Students should speak to the senior leadership team before making any drastic/radical change to their appearance to understand what implications there may be in relation to school policy

Sports and PE Uniforms

  • Regulation playing uniform (details available from coaches) must be worn for all matches
  • Students representing the school in sports teams need to provide black shorts (unless some other alternative is supplied by the school)
  • Students are asked to have a school-house coloured T-shirt for sports days
    The house colours are: Hillary – Yellow, Ngarimu – Blue, Rutherford – Red, Te Kanawa – Green
  • Students from Years 7-13 are required to wear their PE top for physical education as well as a pair of black shorts. Should they not bring their PE uniform, the PE department will follow their procedures for incorrect uniform. In the first instance this is usually to wear provided spare gear, or wear their school uniform for PE
  • Swimming: is considered an integral part of the PE program. Students are expected to have togs and a towel while instructional swimming is timetabled. Notes must be provided when students are unable to swim

Caught out?

The school has a Uniform Policy that states that all students are expected to wear an approved school uniform. Where for some reason a pupil is unable to be in full uniform the student needs to acquire a uniform pass from a member of Senior Leadership: Mrs Bills, Mr Mann, Mrs Ritchie, or Mrs Zandbergen.

A note from a parent is required should there be any reason why a student is not in correct uniform and this is acceptable in an emergency situation. However, a note stating that the uniform is “in the wash” is not an acceptable reason. In some situations a student maybe required to return home to change into the correct uniform.

Hats and Scarves

Students are encouraged to wear the Onewhero Area School sun hat or cap (or a plain black or navy hat or cap) while outside. Other headwear is not permitted.

School scarves and school beanies (or plain black or navy beanies) may be worn only in winter.

Dress Uniform

Student Leaders will be loaned blazers to wear at school assemblies, formal occasions, and when representing Onewhero Area School.

An Extract From The OAS Uniform Policy

Check the full uniform policy details here

  • The school uniform, as determined by the board, is to be worn by all students of the school to whom it applies.
  • We will maintain a standard of dress and appearance which engenders school and self pride
  • The onus for outfitting students in the correct school uniform lies with parents/caregivers.
  • Following of uniform policy removes conflicts over the wearing of uniform and standards of grooming and personal appearance.
  • Parents, students and staff will be consulted when major changes are made to the regulations.
  • Enrolment of students will not be accepted without an undertaking by parents/caregivers that:
    • the school’s uniform regulations will be adhered to; and
    • the responsibility for ensuring that students attend in the correct uniform is with parents/caregivers.

The principal and staff are responsible for monitoring the wearing of school uniform and may take all reasonable steps (including the confiscation of non-uniform items and the temporary issue of correct uniform items if necessary) to ensure that the policy is effective in practice.

Members of the board will liaise with parents/caregivers to ensure that the policy is implemented.

Exceptions to the school’s uniform regulations may be given only by the Senior Leadership of the school and then only for brief periods of time.