Bell Times

Bell Times

Senior Bell Times:

8.50Whaanau (8.50-9)Whaanau(8.50-9)Whaanau (8.50-9.20)Whaanau (8.50-9)Whaanau (8.50-9)
9.10Period 1Period 1P1 (9.20-10.15)Period 1Period 1
10.15Period 2Period 2Period 2Period 2Period 2
11.30Break 1Break 1Break 1Break 1Break 1
12.10Period 3Period 3Period 3Period 3Period 3
1.25Break 2Break 2Break 2Break 2Break 2
1.45Period 4Period 4Period 4Period 4Period 4
2.20Assembly or
P4 continues
P4 continuesP4 continuesP4 continuesP4 continues

Junior Bell Times:

8.50Whaanau (8.50-9)
9.10Period 1
9.10Fruit Break
10.15Period 2
11.30Lunch Time
12.10Period 3
1.25Afternoon Break
1.45Period 4
2.20Assembly or P4 continues


Is held in the hall fairly frequently, and advanced notice will be given. Parents and Caregivers are welcome to join us. Enter through the hall front door.

The Rolling Timetable

Onewhero Area School has been using a 6 day timetable since 2018. There are four periods a day, each of 75 minutes. If Monday to Friday are Days 1 to 5 of the cycle respectively, then the following school week will begin on Cycle Day 6 and the Tuesday will begin a new cycle as Day 1.

We do this in order to gain the ultimate class length for best learning.

Whole school activities such as Swimming and Athletics take precidence over the timtable, but these will hit different days of the cycle independent of the day of the week. Athletics is set as a Day 0.

On the Home page of this website the current cycle day is shown on the calendar.