Start of Year, Stationery

Stationery for 2024 via Office Max

To make things simple and efficient for school and caregivers, our stationery lists for all subjects and levels for 2024 are available at OfficeMax – MySchool –

Here is the link

Enter the school: Onewhero Area School

The student name will populate if your student already attends OAS, but you can enter names for non attenders too.

Next choose a level, and then subjects.

Click the view requirements list button, and a list of stationery will be displayed.

Especially in senior subjects you may wish to subtract items. You certainly don’t need to purchase items on the list that your child already has, so click – to remove an item.

Next you can:

  • add extra items
  • or go directly to the cart and checkout to complete the order (link at the bottom of the page)
  • or print the list and take it to another store of your choice

Digital Devices

We strongly recommend students bring a device to school every day. Secure lockers for devices will be available throughout the school. Devices will be used in nearly every lesson. Phones are not permitted at school, and phone screen sizes are too small for most in class activities.

Chromebooks are ideal for school as they are light, work well with Google Apps, and are cheaper and more robust than many other options.

However, if you taking senior Digital subjects or senior Graphics (from Year 9, and intending continuing them into y11-13), we recommend a laptop with an i5 processor, running Windows 10. (a MacBook would be ok too, but more expensive).

School owned desktop computers are available for in class use by students of Digital Technolgies, Music and Graphics(y7-13), but owning a capable laptop means you can work on projects at home as well as at school.

Please ensure you have a robust bag, or extra slipcase inside your schoolbag, to ensure the safety of your device.

Tech staff at school can assist students with access to Google Apps under the OAS umbrella, Open Source software, and education licenses for Microsoft 365.

Digital subjects use Open Source (free) products extensively, and whenever possible.

We have school deals available from Harvey Norman, just mention our school.

Please do not buy a Stream!!

PC Traders have good quality secondhand devices which can be browsed and ordered online.

Look here for further guidelines for BYOD