Bus Information


Bus Travel:
School busses are available to those eligible to use the service. 
In order to use this service, students must be registered with the office and carry a bus tag with them to be admitted to the bus.
The first tag is free, if a student misplaces this tag they will be given 1 week to find it, or charged $5 for a replacement.  Students will not be admitted to the bus if they do not have a tag.
Special exemptions may be granted by the Principal.
On occasion students need to travel on a different route for sport or care requirements.  The office must be advised in each instance of this happening. In dual accommodation situations, we will load both bus routes onto a bus tag.
Students wishing to travel regularly on a different bus for reasons other than transport to sport or home must have permission from the Principal.
For moreinformation about the bus routes please follow this link – https://www.northwaikatoschoolbuses.com/bus-routes
Bus Fee Information:
Due to rising costs for bus companies and increased numbers of students using the bus service, it is necessary for the strict Ministry’s guidelines to be enforced by the Franklin South Bus Network.  Any student that bypasses the closest school available to them to attend Onewhero Area School is not eligible for any bus funding.  Any student in this position will need to contribute to the cost of their travel even if it is once a week or every day.  The cost is $45 per child per term, payable to Onewhero Area School office.  This is then passed directly to the Franklin South Bus Network who organise the bus funding.  Please refer to the Out of Zone Information.

Bus Behaviour Expectations

This Bus Behaviour Expectations is set by Onewhero Area School in support of Murphy’s buses . Students and their parents need to read and understand the behaviour expectations, which are to be adhered to for the safety of the bus driver and all students travelling on the school bus.


  • I will sit down and stay in that seat for the whole journey.

  • I will not eat or drink on the bus.

  • If I need to stand (Year 9-13 only), I will stand quietly holding onto bus seats and I will not move around the bus.

  • I will respect other people and their property at all times (this includes ensuring no pushing, verbal or physical abuse, or any other behaviour that may distract the driver).

  • I will talk in a quiet voice so that I do not distract the bus driver.

  • I will stay seated until the bus has stopped.

  • I will show respect for Murphy’s bus. (I will not stand on seats or vandalise the bus in any way).

  • I will listen to the bus driver and do what I am asked at all times. 

  • I will follow the instructions of the school bus monitors who are there to keep me safe while travelling on the bus.

  • I will not vape, smoke, or participate in illegal activities on the bus.

  • I will not use my device on the bus (Years 1-8).

  • I will show our school values and motto at all times.

  • I will line up in order of year level to get on the bus after school.

  • I will have my electronic bus tag on my bag or person when travelling on the bus.

The safety and comfort of everyone on the bus depends on a standard of behaviour and consideration for others that is expected in the classroom. Parents are expected to support the school in maintaining these standards of behaviour.


  • Incidents will be investigated and will follow the school behaviour management policy and my parents will be notified immediately.

  • If no improvement is evident, contact will be made with my parents to discuss my behaviour further and to outline further consequences which could include:  The privilege to travel on the school bus will be withdrawn, and my parents will be required to find alternative transport to get me to and from school.

  • In extreme cases of misbehaviour the privilege of travelling on the school bus will be withdrawn immediately.


Parents and caregivers have the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure contact details (especially cell phone numbers) held at the school are up to date.

  • To have access to the school app or facebook page (This is to ensure they are informed of unexpected events, for example, bus is late or broken down).

  • To ensure students are at the bus stop 10 minutes before the expected pick up time, families are responsible for students until they are on the bus (This is to ensure the children are safe should something unexpected happen to the bus, such as a breakdown, and it doesn’t arrive).

  • Families are responsible for students once they have been dropped off and they are off the bus.


  • To provide safe transport to and from school.

  • To ensure buses are running on time (with the understanding that factors such as weather, traffic and roadworks are out of Murphys control).

  • To inform the school as soon as is practically possible of any changes to the regular bus service (E.g. Breakdown, accident etc).

  • To communicate with the school when there are issues with the behaviour of students.


  • To keep a record of students who board the bus in the afternoon.

  • To inform families as soon as they practically can of any changes to the bus service once they have been notified by Murphys.

  • To arrange an annual school visit by the Police Education officer to discuss safety.

  • To follow up on incidents as per the behaviour management policy.