Wellbeing @ OAS

Wellbeing @ OAS

Wellbeing is a vital aspect of the curriculum here at Onewhero Area School. We believe for students to have success at school a holistic approach is required. Wellbeing is taught as part of the curriculum in Years 1-8 with set lessons throughout the year to support student wellbeing. In Years 9-13 these lessons are taught through whaanau classes. At OAS we use a combination of whole school, year group, small group, and individual data through the GoodSpace platform to inform our programs and provide support for our students. GoodSpace screening takes place annually in Years 7-13.

OAS GoodSpace Schools Wellbeing Screening

 Purpose of Screening

To identify and manage students for wellbeing issues through a streamlined process of screening, prioritising and managing.

The survey covers a broad range of psychosocial indicators to identify risk and protective factors for adolescents.

It covers Home, Education/Employment, Eating and Exercise, Activities and Peer Relationships, Drug use, Sexuality, Suicide/Self harm/Depression/Mood, and Safety. It is a widely used and well evaluated framework for engaging students about their lifestyle and behaviours.

 Questionnaire Topics

  • Toku Kura – School Life
  • Toku Tinana – Self-Care

  • Whakawhanaungatanga – Belonging

  • Whanau/Toku Kainga – Home Life

  • Te hokakatanga me te ira tangata – Sexuality

  • Hinengaro – Mental Health

Follow-up – What happens with the survey data?

All results are processed by the Wellbeing Team (Deputy Principal of Wellbeing, Wellbeing 1-8 Team Leader, Year 9-13 Dean, PB4L coordinator, and the school Counselor)

  • Students who flag as urgent meet with a member of the Wellbeing Team within 24/48 hours of the survey. Together they discuss the concern and create a support plan.
  • Students who flag as high need meet with a member of the Wellbeing Team within 2 weeks of the survey. Together they discuss the concern and create a support plan
  • Students who flag as low need meet with their whaanau teacher to discuss the concern.
The Wellbeing Team meet regularly to analysis and discuss trends across the school, year groups, or small groups. The information from these meets is shared with staff and lessons planned to target topics of concern.