Student Leaders 2021

Middle School Leaders

Middle School Student Leaders are given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop responsibility by respecting school rules and values, displaying good communication, assisting in the facilitation and smooth running of school events and above all be a fantastic role model for their peers. We have started to meet regularly and currently, the students are working on a community initiative.

After Interviews and Students pitching to their peers in Assembly, the Syndicate voted we deliberated. Term 1 2021 Four Leaders were announced: Liev Thackham, Grace Thurston, Blair Tombleson and Kaitlin Payne emerged.

Senior School Leaders

Emily Reese 

Head Student

Torrin Linkhorn

Head Student

Kimberley Cruickshank

Deputy Head Student & BOT Student Rep

Louis Conroy

Deputy Head Student

Finlayson Smith

Sports Captain

Alistair Webster

Academic Leader

Genevieve van Staden

Cultural Captain

Mark McKay

Hillary House Captain

Makayla Jolly

Ngarimu House Captain

Rameka Preston

Ngarimu House Captain

Sarah Urroz

Te Kanawa House Captain

Ashleigh Downs

Rutherford House Captain

Brunton Harwood

Rutherford House Captain