Senior: Years 11 to 13

Senior School: Years 11 to 13

We offer a full programme as would be available in most New Zealand schools.

Core National Curriculum subjects, studied in the Middle School, continue into the Senior School.

From Year 11 to 13 there are specialist teachers in the Arts, Business Education, English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology.

Follow this Course Guide link for more detailed descriptions.

And of course, as for all High Schools, there are the usual extra-curricular opportunities such as Camps, Leadership Courses, Senior Ball, and so on.

Late in 2016, much anticipated new learning spaces were opened for the use of Middle and Senior students. “The Learning Hub” and attached Science Labs and Information Center have made possible integrated and cutting edge learning opportunities.

In 2019 we adopted a Semester based timetable for Senior Courses.

Mr Jamie L’Hullier and Mr Darren Mann are the leaders for Curriculum and Wellbeing respectively.