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A few of our OAS Staff from the 1930s to 2016. 125th Reunion.

Onewhero Area School Staff

Staff 2023

Teacher Aides year 1-13
Ms Dayna Kikkert: Teacher Aide, d.kikkert@onewhero.school.nz

Ms Megan Conroy: Teacher Aide, m.conroy@onewhero.school.nz

Miss Jorja Dickinson: Teacher Aide, j.dickinson@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Ngaire Law: Teacher Aide, n.law@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Erin Jones: Teacher Aide, e.jones@onewhero.school.nz

Reception, Office, Administration

Mrs Gaylene McCutchan: Office & Finance Administrator, oasaccounts@onewhero.school.nz 

Mrs Lee-Anne Annemans: Office Administrator, office@onewhero.school.nz  

Mrs Tracey Paton: Student Services, Attendance, studentservices@onewhero.school.nz 

Ms Stacey Ingram: Executive Officer, s.ingram@onewhero.school.nz 

School Support Staff

Mrs Bev Dixon: Resource Coordinator, b.dixon@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Vicky Jones: Canteen Manager, VJ.Libelle@gmail.com

Mrs Amber Adams: Counsellor (232-8260), a.adams@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Anke van Dijk: Sports Co-ordinator and International Student Coordinator, a.vandijk@onewhero.school.nz 

Mr Cody Ewe: Caretaker c.ewe@onewhero.school.nz

Mr Joseph McClunie: Groundsperson, j.mcclunie@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Pam McArley: Gateway, Star, Careers, p.mcarley@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Fiona Gower: Gateway, Star, Careers, f.gower@onewhero.school.nz

Teacher Release year 1-6
Mrs Andrea Corkill: Release teacher, a.corkill@onewhero.school.nz

Teacher Release year 7-10
Mrs Trish Kable: Release teacher, t.kable@onewhero.school.nz

Teachers year 1-6

Mrs Amber Brewer: New Entrants, Room 1, a.brewer@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Mary Astle (Whaea Mere): Yr 1-2, Room 3, m.astle@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Maria Davis Yr 3-4, Room 6, m.davis.onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Heliza Payne: Yr 4-5, Room 7, h.payne@onewhero.school.nz

Veneen Williams: Yr 5-6, Room 10, v.williams@onewhero.school.nz

Teachers year 7-8

Mrs Sharon Aislable: Teacher of Room 12, years 7-8, s.aislable@onewhero.school.nz

Mr Prem Singh: Teacher of Room 13, Yr 7-8p.singh@onewhero.school.nz

Teachers year 7-13
Mrs Sheryl Wright: English, s.wright@onewhero.school.nz  

Mr Cliff Slough,: Hard Materials c.slough@onewhero.school.nz

Ms Marilyn Stringer: Physics, m.stringer@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Anna-Sofia Filer: Biology, a.filer@onewhero.school.nz

Ms Annika Pickard: Technology, a.pickard@onewhero.school.nz

Mr Chris Williams: Mathematics, c.williams@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Michelle Anderton: Music, m.anderton@onewhero.school.nz

Mr Kramer Ronaki: Te Reo Maori, PE & Health, k.ronaki@onewhero.school.nz

Mr Alan Donald: Year 7-10 Dean, PE & Health, a.donald@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Keryn Walker,  PE & Health, k.walker@onewhero.school.nz 


Junior School Team Leaders:  year 1-8
Mrs Brenda McLean: Leader – Student Achievement, Teacher of Room 7, years 3-4, b.mclean@onewhero.school.nz

Ms Maxine Pattinson: Leader – Curriculum, Teacher of Room 9, years 5-6 m.pattinson@onewhero.school.nz


Mrs Camilla Cameron: Team Leader, year 7-8 Room 15, c.cameron@onewhero.school.nz 

Ms Christine O’Connell: Leader – Wellbeing, Teacher Yr 7-8, Room 11, c.oconnell@onewhero.school.nz

Team Leaders year 9-13
Mr Damian Cameron: H.O.Science,  d.cameron@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Gayle Bovill: H.O.Mathematics, g.bovill@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Suzanne Amodeo: H.O.Languages, s.amodeo@onewhero.school.nz

Miss Jessica Cochrane: H.O.Social Sciences, j.cochrane@onewhero.school.nz (on leave)

Mr Charles Jordan: H.O.Art, c.jordan@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Briar Gray: H.O.Technology, b.gray@onewhero.school.nz

Whaea Anna Ronaki: H.O. Health & P.E., a.ronaki@onewhero.school.nz

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Rebecca Bills: Principal, principal@onewhero.school.nz 

Mr Darren Mann: Deputy Principal – Leader of Wellbeing,  d.mann@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Tessa Ritchie: Deputy Principal – Leader of Curriculum, t.ritchie@onewhero.school.nz

Mrs Demelza Zandbergen: Deputy Principal – Student Achievement, SENCO, d.zandbergen@onewhero.school.nz