Junior: Years 0 to 6

Junior: Years 1 to 6 - Rooms 1 to 11

Currently, the primary school operates ten classrooms. Our staff are dedicated, enthusiastic and committed to doing the very best to provide an environment which cares for all individuals.

In Maths, all teachers are trained in the numeracy project and there is an emphasis on number knowledge and number strategies starting with addition and subtraction and moving onto multiplication and division, fractions, decimals and percentages, and algebra. Emphasis is on mastering the basics.

There is a structured reading and language programme in all classrooms that encourages students to reach their full potential. Students in Years 1 to 8 have opportunities to develop interests and skills in Sports and Fitness, Art, Music, Technology and Drama as there is considerable interaction with the senior part of the school. Primary teachers and students regularly use specialist facilities and specialist teachers in the secondary part of the school to assist with projects. For example, this includes access to the school’s Library, Computer Studies room and Technology rooms.

Some of the special features of our Area School include whole school assemblies and sports days where students from Year 1 right the way through to Year 13 work together. Teachers are readily approachable and encourage parents to contact them about any matters, as their children’s learning is a partnership between home and school.

We have an excellent Early Childhood Centre adjacent to our school grounds, and Early Childhood students find it easy to adjust to the New Entrant classroom because, with the liaison visits prior to starting at the age of five, they become familiar with our facilities.