Junior School: Years 1 to 8

Junior School Years 1 to 8  - Rooms 1 to 15

In Years 1 to 8 we have composite classes (two year levels together) where the older students are encourage to show leadership to support the younger students. Students are most likely to stay in the same class for two years, where they build strong relationships with their teacher and come confident in their learning. In Years 1-8 Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and Health are taught by the classroom teacher. In Years 1-6 PE, Technology, and the Arts is also included in their curriculum. In Year 7 and 8 the students begin to get a taste of high school. They attend specialist subject lessons for Technology, Arts, PE, and Te Reo Maaori.


For more information about learning at OAS check out the Learning@OAS page: https://onewhero.school.nz/learning-oas/