Strategic Plan

New Vision, Values and Goals for OAS

After a combination of consultation with Parents, Whanau and the Community, along with the Board of Trustees and the Senior Management team, a new vision statement for Onewhero Area School has been formed. Our new inspiring vision is:

Being the best we can – no limits!

This replaces the current OAS vision, motto and mission statement.

The new Values are:
  • Purpose - Ako
  • Character - Mahi Ngatahi
  • Community - Whakawhanaungatanga
Our three strategic goals are:
  1. Advocates for learning. Generating a desire to enquire.
  2. Community partnerships of diversity, unity and shared high expectations.
  3. Positive, well rounded contributors to a global society.

You will start seeing the above more and more over the coming months as the transition takes place.

Thank you to all who participated in the consultation, we look forward to everyone embracing the new vision, values and goals as we work together to achieve these.

School Charter (2016 - 2020)

Annual Plan 2017

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