School Speech Contest:

Our annual speech finals were held on Wednesday the 31st of May. Once again the standard was very high and the judge’s task was difficult. Results of this event are as follows –

Year 5-6

  • 1st Grace Mclean – NZ Supermarket Should Ban Battery Eggs
  • 2nd Mitchell Paton- We should live on Earth not in Space
  • 3rd= Caitlin Lees – Feminism is Important
  • Caoimhe Hewitt-Swaine – How Child Poverty is a Problem in NZ

Year 7-8

  • 1st Janelle Smith – Should we use Social Media
  • 2nd Jasmine McCarrick – Why we should do Martial Arts

Years 9-11

  • 1st Elliot Lancaster – Why we need more sleep
  • 2nd Rachel Urroz – Science should not be used for war
  • 3rd Kerry O’Keeffe – Not being scared to make a Difference

Grace and Janelle will be representing our school at the Franklin speech contest to be held next week, we wish them well

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