A history of Education in Onewhero:

History of the School

Dyer Home
Onewhero School began on 10 November 1891.
This is a photograph of a painting of the orginal Dyer home, where schooling began.
The site was on Miller Road, Kaipo Flats.

First School
The first Onewhero School

Next School
Later a new school was built

District High School
In 1955, Onewhero School became a District High School.
This photos is from the early 1970s.

oas Front 2017
Today it's a different story. We're a top-class Area School...

The School Colours, Crest and Motto

Prior to District High School days, Onewhero School colours were green and white. When the school became a District High School in 1955, blue and grey were chosen as the colours for the uniform. Today, the school colours worn are royal blue and navy with a touch of gold.

Mr Alan Shepherd, the headmaster at the time, chose the motto EACH FOR ALL - Te Kotahi Mo Te Katoa. We share the motto with Alexandre Dumas' characters, 'The Three Musketeers': Each for all and all for each. Or to go back even one step further, it was an ancient Latin saying: Singula sint omnium et omnia singulorum.

Mrs Kath Bouskill thought of the idea of the crest with three crowns representing the three contributing districts (Onewhero, Te Kohanga, Opuatia) placed upon a symbolised river (Waikato).

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