Learning With Digital Technologies





Why BYOD . . .

At Onewhero Area School we recognise the necessity of arming our students with digital skills.

As citizens of the 21st centurary the use of Digital Technologies is an integral part of daily living for most of us.

Our students need to have access to digital resources in a seamless manner in our classrooms.

School is unable to provide necessary digital access without employing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.

Our aim is for a one to one student to device ratio, with each student bringing their own device.

OAS does provide a small number of Chromebooks for the use of students who are unable to afford their own devices or have special learning needs. We also provide desktop access for students studying resource hungry senior Digital Subjects such as Programming and Media development. For all other classes, students are encouraged to provide and bring their own Internet ready device.


Junior classrooms (Years 3-6) provide secure storage for devices during class and break times.

Year 7 and 8 classrooms provide secure storage for devices, but you need to bring your own padlock, and make arrangements to use a locker.

There are lockable device lockers in the Information Centre in the Hub for Year 9 to 13 students. You need to bring your own padlock. If there is demand, we will purchase more lockers, however at present the 20 we have are not being used to capacity.

Devices can be securely stored at school for students at all levels.

Please do not leave your device at home, as it is part of your expected school equipment.

Mend it Mondays (ex Fix it Thursdays)

Our student technicians do their best to get around classroom and fix student and teacher connectivity, hardware, and logon account issues. When we don't get there, "Mend it Mondays" could address your needs. Bring yourself and your device to the ICT Area of the Senior Learning Hub during 2nd break on Mondays, and the Tech team will endevour to work magic.


Noel Leeming: Say you are from Onewhero Area School, and they will look up their latest e-deals!


Chromebooks are small, light, resilient, fast start up, easily reset to factory settings, and adquate for most students, especially if you have an internet connection at home.

Some of the new 11 inch Acer notebooks with Microsoft-365 built in are proving popular and seem to do an adequate job. It is early days to give a definitive judgement on these.

In recent times we are finding Tablets to be less resiliant and harder to connect to Google accounts than other devices. If you already own a tablet, bring it. If you are yet to purchase a device, and want something small, a Chromebook will serve you better. Chromebooks have improved a lot over the last couple of years.

If you are studying Digital Tech subjects above Year 10 a laptop (PC i5 processor) is recomended. Macs are fine too, but considerably more expensive to do the same job.

Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

Internet access is filtered at school via a WatchGuard Firebox. Students are expected to follow Digital Citizenship guidelines.

At home the access of your student to the Internet cannot be filterd by school. At home their Internet access is a family responsibility.

Students and Caregivers are requested to read and sign the "Use of Digital Technologies" contract.


All students at Onewhero are given a Google account under our GAFE umbrella. This gives restricted access to Google Apps, and provides digital tools useful in most classes. Google Apps for Education is the predominant office software used in school.

We can provide Microsoft 365 accounts free to students. We can also provide Microsoft Office 365 software downloads for students with laptops. Bring your device to "Fix it Thursdays" if you wish to be licenced for 365, and/or to download Microsoft Office software (laptops or desktops only).